Dagat ang Pagitan

Prof. Mike Tan, Moderator
Tito Valiente, Film critic, Manunuri ng Pelikulang Pilipino, Public anthropologist, educator
Bagane Fiola, Festival programmer, Filmmaker Panicupan (2015)
Jay Rosas, Festival programmer, Film critic, Filmmaker Budots: The Craze (2019)
Keith Deligero, Festival director, Binisaya
Teddy Co, Cultural worker, Film archivist and curator, co-founder of Cinema Rehiyon

Whether it’s 7,107 islands or not, the Philippines as an archipelagic nation is not without its repercussions. Bodies of water separate lands, and lands separate people—these physical margins allow for differences of diverse nuance: language, customs and traditions, ethnicity. This varied landscape is mirrored in the varied filmmaking cultures across the country, as seen in the growth of regional cinema in recent years. In this Reality Check, we examine documentary works made in the regions and talk about the experiences of making them from different vantage points. We also emphasize the significance of this growth to the advancement of a more inclusive national cinema.

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